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What to Support AFTER

I am cataloging and collecting numerous local, national, and international stories of goodness. As I’ve accumulated these stories, I’ve taken added notes on where to shop after all of this is over–the decision of where to shop is based on how companies are acting NOW. Who has treated their employees well? Who has ensured the […]


For my own sanity, for my own mental well-being, I’ve had to operate differently nowadays. In order to stay calm, in order to ease my anxiety and stress, I’ve made a conscious effort to do the following: Turn off the news Put my phone away Read — mostly inspirational books Write Exercise These are the […]

Praise of the Day

Praise of the Day–to the migrant workers, those in the field, those picking and pulling and cutting our fruits and vegetables, to all the agricultural workers across the country, you have always ensured that our country has had access to healthy nutritious food; today, and each day, I not only praise the work that you […]

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