Welcome to Quarantined Praise!

With 24 hours news and social media I am overwhelmed by the amount of information I am reading and hearing. I think it has come to affect my mood, my overall feeling, and my ability to fall asleep.

Last night I realized that I needed to focus on the positive. What was I reading and seeing that demonstrated good will? That showed me the best of humankind. That showed me solidarity, kindness, and compassion.

I have read and heard some definite misinformation. I have seen jokes and memes, which I interpret as a coping mechanism. I have seen worry and panic. I have read confusing and conflicting information, which I think is causing much of the worry and panic. I am inundated and it’s hard to break away, it’s hard to not what to know or keep up. With this in mind, I thought about where I could go for quality, positive news; I thought about a place that was still related to what was happening, but somehow didn’t contribute to anxiety and fear.

In between what feels like a mess, I am seeing individuals, communities, and companies demonstrate the very best of humankind. As I scrolled last night through a few stories, I thought about how to catalog these positive beautiful stories. And this is the birth of Quarantined Praise.

I thought about it last night, March 15, 2020 and I’m writing today, March 16, 2020. It’s new, it’s just a thought.

Email me: quarantinedpraise@gmail.com with the positive responses, reactions, and programs being developed.

Tag me on Instagram @quarantinedpraise with stories to repost.

Come here and see how we’re coming together. Get some goodness, some calm, some relief, at time when we need it most . . .

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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